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In a sea of gambling websites, online casinos must make a name for themselves by offering extra perks to their customers. Loyalty programs are one way that casinos give back to their players.

Also referred to as rewards programs or VIP clubs, loyalty programs generally allow members to earn points that they can redeem for free casino credits, exclusive bonuses, entry into tournaments, and other rewards. Signing up for a loyalty program takes just a few minutes. Once you become a member, you can begin accruing points immediately simply by playing your favorite online casino games.

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How Casino Loyalty Programs Work

First, know that signing up for a loyalty program is usually optional. You can create an account and start playing games without participating in a rewards program with the exception of a few casinos that enroll you automatically. However, since most of these programs allow you to become a member free-of-charge, there’s no reason not to oblige.

Casino loyalty programs work by rewarding players with points each time they play a casino game. Some casinos offer points on all of their games, while others only offer points on certain selections. In some cases, point values can differ depending on the game and their variance. For example, a wager placed on a slot game is likely to earn you more points than a wager on a blackjack game as slots have higher variance than casino table games.

When you sign up to become a member of a loyalty program in a pick-and-mortar casino, you receive a card that can be swiped at machines and tables. Once players have racked up points, they can choose to use their rewards in a number of ways. Some casinos offer free drinks, meals, valet, or discounted nights at hotels. Sometimes, points can be redeemed for cash.

Of course, loyalty programs work differently in online casinos. Instead of using swipe cards, all of your personal information and gaming patterns are compiled in your account. With a click of a button, you can gain access to your loyalty program reward data. On this page, you should see a list of transactions that tell you how each of your points were earned. For example, you may receive a ‘Welcome Bonus’ when you first sign up for the program. You may also receive points based on how much you spend – e.g. one loyalty point for every $10 spent on games.

While you will need to reach a top tier to earn the best rewards from an online casino loyalty program, there are some great perks along the way. These may include:

What to Look for in a Loyalty Program

Becoming a member of a loyalty program certainly has its perks, including access to special VIP bonuses not available to the average casino player. However, not all of these programs are equal in value. Take the time to compare loyalty programs to see which offer you the most bang for your buck.

Most casino loyalty programs are very similar in their overall concept. You can earn points by playing games, participating in tournaments, or engaging yourself in the website in some other way. However, what makes some casinos better than others is how they value their points. For example, some casinos award just 1 point for every dollar spent, while others will reward a player 5 points per dollar.

Also take notice of what type of prizes are available. If you’re satisfied with turning your points into extra gameplay opportunities, have at it. However, some players may prefer to redeem their points in other ways, such as cash bonuses that they can actually withdraw.

If you enjoy earning points as part of a casino loyalty program, ask about gaining VIP status. Some online casinos are associated with VIP programs that enable people to keep playing to reach higher levels. With VIP status, you can also gain access to a better selection of prizes and rewards, such as special bonuses and better conversion rates. However, to get to VIP status, you need to be an active gambler.

Why You Should Join a Loyalty Program

If casino games were not exciting enough on their own, many gambling websites have introduced new loyalty and VIP programs that allow players to build points on membership levels or tiers. The higher your level, the more rewards and bonus cash are available to you. These incentives can make gameplay even more fun as you watch your points accumulate with every game you play.

Before signing up for a loyalty program, be sure to read the website’s terms and conditions. Some games may not qualify for points and you may need to reach a certain number of points each month before you can reach a certain tier. Once you understand how the system works, a loyalty program can make playing casino games even more enjoyable.

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