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Klarna is a payment option that is popular amongst casino players in Europe. If you want to play at an online casino using Euros (EUR) or a number of other major global currencies, then Klarna could work for you as a viable online casino deposit method. By using the Klarna Sofort online payment service, you have a secure middleman between the online casino and your bank account. This is useful in cases whereby casinos only accept bank transfer as a withdrawal method.

The company behind the brand is Klarna Bank AB, a Swedish public limited liability company founded in 2005. Its headquarters are in Stockholm while the company spreads across 15 office locations with 4,000+ employees.

Top Klarna CASINOS

Overall, this is a payment service from a reputable and trustworthy financial entity. Online casino players can use the service without having to enter card numbers, creating accounts with the Klarna Sofort service, and without the need to store any payment information.

How Does Klarna Sofort Work?

Connecting to Klarna Sofort is achieved either by using your web browser or casino app connected to your online casinos. As long as you are signed into your casino account, you don’t need anything else. There is no need to sign up for a Klarna account or enter an email address or anything else. Just select Klarna as your desired deposit/payment method and follow the on-screen instructions so the system can connect to your online banking and process your deposit.


The company must abide by the rules of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK, while it is also answerable to the Swedish Consumer Agency and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority (SFSA). As for the platform, it is said to be highly secure, as it is written in a rare code called Erlang designed by Ericsson. However, there was one security breach in 2021 in which user accounts were exposed to other users due to server issues – but aside from this one glitch, the company has been lauded for providing a secure payment gateway between bank account and eComm websites such as online casinos.

Klarna Types of Service

This is a one-way transaction service that allows you to send money to your online casino account. That is so long as the casino accepts Klarna Sofort as a deposit option. And the service is essentially a securely encrypted payment gateway between your bank account and your online casino.

Availability And Currencies

Although Klarna is mostly used by European casino players, it is available in multiple counties. Outside of the Euro, options include USA (USD), Canada FR/EN (CAD), New Zealand (NZD), the UK (UKP), Switzerland EN/FR/DE/IT (CHF), Australia (AUD), Denmark (DKK), Poland (PLN), Sweden (SEK), and Norway (NOK). As for countries using EUR, this includes Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Belgium NL/FR, and Austria.

Deposit via Klarna

It’s very easy indeed if you have all your online banking information at hand. Simply choose to pay with online banking, choose your country and bank’s sort code. From the secure payment area, login using your online banking info. This will send an encrypted request to your bank requesting a confirmation code. That confirmation code is good for a single transaction only.

Once the Klarna has processed the transaction, the funds will be sent to the online casinos and appear in your casino balance. You also receive an on-screen summary of the transaction.

Withdrawals via Klarna

Klarna Sofort does not offer the option to make a withdrawal.

Klarna Sofort Fees and Limits

The merchant swallows the fees for the Klarna payment, i.e., the online casino will take the marginal hit for your transaction, and the casino will not charge you for the payment. The general limit per transaction is € 25,000 but the casino may have a lower limit.

Pros And Cons of Using Klarna

There are a few cons to using Klarna while the pros are also attractive:


  • No need to sign up for an account
  • No complex card details required
  • Secure gateway between your bank and casino
  • Works securely via desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • FCA and SFSA regulated company
  • Wide range of currencies accepted


  • You cannot withdraw
  • Not accepted at all online casinos

Klarna Sofort Frequently Asked Questions

Which countries is Klarna Sofort Available in?

USA, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Switzerland, Australia, Denmark, Poland, Sweden, and Norway. Klarna also operates using the domestic currency of each of these countries.

Can I download a Klarna app or use an HTML5 browser version?

Klarna Sofort is not an app. It is merely a securely encrypted payment gateway that connects to your bank. From your casino payment area, you will be led to the Klarna payment page when you select it as your deposit method. This is all done via HTML5.

Is Muchbetter Safe to Use?

Yes. The encrypted coded request for the transfer amount is only valid for a single transaction. And the amount that can be transferred cannot be changed.

Does the casino of Klarna Sofort charge for the transaction?

The cost is pushed onto the casino by Klarna, which is the same as with credit cards. This is why some casinos do not accept it. However, casinos that do accept Klarna Sofort will not charge you.

Do All Online Casinos Allow Klarna Transactions?

No. Some don’t want to pay the fees.

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