Communication with players

Online casinos always need to keep two-way communications open with members as well as with those that are interested in joining their casino.

How do casinos contact the players and how can players reach their casinos?

In this guide, we are going to look at some of the communication methods online casinos use to connect with their members. We are also going to look at the ever-growing communication channels available to casino players allowing them to get in contact their online casino’s support team.

How Do Online Casinos Communicate with Their Members?

Over the years the online casino account management teams have been working with their marketing teams to implement cost-effective ways to reach out to their players.

This does not necessarily mean the casino needs to speak with its members one-on-one, but rather it entails making sure the members get the intended message the casino wants them to read. Ninety-nine percent of these messages are for promotional purposes; while others are important changes to the way the casino operates or member account issues.

Some of the reasons an online casino may want to contact its members include:

  • Make members aware of a new promotion
  • Inform members of a new promotional deal
  • Announce the latest progressive jackpot pay-outs
  • Send changes to the casino’s terms and conditions
  • Update members regarding their loyalty reward program
  • Advertising new games available

In order to increase the number of members that read these messages, the casinos make use of numerous communication channels.

The two most popular forms of communication include:

  • Email Address: used for newsletters, promos, support
  • Cell phone number: used for SMS and pre-recorded or voice telephone calls

Details for both the above are arguably the two most reliable ways for a casino to get in contact with players. That said, the issue with email is that some members will change their email or enter an email address for an inbox they rarely open.

By using email marketing software, online casinos can see if a member is not opening their emails. This is why many online casinos also ask for a cell phone number as a backup. This is a more reliable form of communication because people generally read SMS messages and answer their phone plus are less likely to change their cell number.

Even with email and cell phone numbers in their arsenal, this does not always guarantee the casino’s message will reach all members, so in comes social media as another cooms tool helping online casinos expand their reach.

Social media tools for communication include:

  • Facebook messenger
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter Messages
  • Facebook Follows

Rarely will an online casino make providing social media information compulsory. However, in the members’ personal details section, some casinos have options to enter your Twitter, WhatsApp, or Facebook info. If players enter these details, the casino can send promotions directly to a member’s social media apps, which are mostly received via their respective mobile apps.

Additionally, some casinos use promotions such as ‘20 free spins for following us on Facebook’. This is an ingenious way for the casino to make sure its promotions will appear on its members’ Facebook feeds.

Website and browser tools:

  • Newsletters
  • Blogs
  • Promo pages
  • Browser notifications

Updating the promo page and blog has the advantage of providing information to those that are proactively searching for it. While newsletters are similar but are also sent out over email. The newsletter can contain URLs to interesting blog titles and promotions on the promotions page.

Bowser notifications are another great communication tool if a user accepts the offer to receive notifications. When members open their browser, a pop-up will appear letting the member know about a new promotion or progressive jackpot that has paid out or is about to payout.

How Do Online Casino Members Communicate with The Casino?

Thankfully the online casino industry is a buyers’ market. As a result, online casinos are aware that making several communication channels available increases customer satisfaction and retention. Even land-based casinos go out of their way to keep their clientele as happy as possible through customer service excellence!

FAQ Sections

Frequently Asked Questions are a vital part of an online casino’s communications. Not only does a clear, concise, and easy to browse FAQ section help existing members, it also helps those on the fence looking for an online casino to sign up to.

Live Chat Support

Perhaps the most popular form of communication is the huge surge of online casinos offering live chat support. Players can visit their casinos home page, click on the live chat, and immediately speak with a customer support agent in real-time.

Email Support

Email support is always going to be popular for those that have non-urgent inquiries or just do not have the time to chat. Casinos either offer an email support form or an email address to get in contact directly.

Social Media Support

With the popularity of social media undeniably widespread, casinos that offer social media support service will always be popular. Some people prefer to have a private messaging service on tap via their Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Twitter apps.


Online casino forums are rare these days. However, some casinos still use them. Members can post a query in the forum and other members will help to solve any issues or to provide an answer. On occasion, a support member will interact on the threads to help out.

Telephone Support

A few casinos offer telephone support, but it is quite rare and considered outdated these days.

To sum up, multiple communication channels benefit both players and casino. Most players want to be informed about the latest promo deals or game releases, and the casinos want to encourage players to play their games and use their bonus offers. Accordingly, the most successful online casinos are those that deploy inventive ways to communicate with their players.

In addition to this, customer satisfaction is vital to keeping casino members happy. By giving players multiple options to get in contact with the casino’s support team, players feel valued and are less likely to look for another online casino to play at.

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