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No one can deny the allure of craps. This high-energy dice game is fast-paced and offers plenty of action in a short amount of time. It is played globally in both online and land-based casinos and remains one of the most popular table games in modern gaming establishments.

While craps is a game of chance, players can use certain strategies and money management techniques to gain an edge. Once you learn the rules of the games, craps can be quite profitable.


The game of craps dates back to the time of the Holy Roman Empire when soldiers played a game that involved tossing pig knuckles onto their shields, resulting in the term “to roll the bones.” Soon after, the game hazard was invented by English noble Sir William of Tyre in 1125 AD during the Crusades when he and his knights waited to lay siege on Hazarth.

This earliest version of craps became popular across Europe over the Middle Ages and was even mentioned in “Canterbury Tales,” a collection of stories written between 1387 and 1400 by Geoffrey Chaucer and Percy MacKaye. During the 1600s and 1700s, the game reached gambling houses in England, becoming a favorite pastime of noblemen.

By the 19th century, the name had been brought to America along with some of the first English settlers on the Mayflower. This is when the game took on its modern name, craps. The game become highly prominent by the 20th century and remains so today. It is played by countless people around the world and online, making it one of the longest running table games in history.


Whether you’re playing in a land-based casino or in a virtual game online, you can expect the same basic table layout. A standard craps table features a diagram that shows the spaces for the various types of bets. There is also a center section where One Roll and Hardways bets can be placed. At the ends of the table you’ll find sections for pass line, field, come, and place, among other bets.

The game begins when the shooter makes a bet on the pass or don’t pass line. The shooter must then throw the dice and hit the walls on the opposite end of the table. Each player given the right to throw the dice while moving around the table in a clockwise direction. A player can also choose not to roll but to make a bet.

Each round in craps has two main phases: the come-out and the point. The round starts when the shooter makes one or more come out rolls. If a come-out roll is valued at 2, 3, or 12, it’s known as craps and the round ends with players losing pass line bets. If there is a come-out roll of 7 or 11, it’s a natural which result in pass line bets winning.

When a player rolls a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, the game moves to the next phase, the point. If the shooter then rolls a point number, bets on the pass line win. If a seven is rolled, the round ends and pass line bets lose. There are a number of different bets that a player can make in craps. These bets include the following:

  • Pass Line Bet
  • Don’t Pass Line Bet
  • Come Bet
  • Don’t Come Bet
  • Big Six, Big Eight Bets
  • Odds on Come Bet
  • Odds on Pass Line Bet
  • Place Bets
  • Proposition Bets
  • Field Bets


There are a number of betting systems and strategies that claim to give craps players an edge in the game. As craps is a game of chance and it is not possible to beat the house, there is no strategy or system that can guarantee a win. However, there are certain strategies that some players find useful when playing craps.

Spotting stretches and riding them is a popular strategy among avid craps players. Another strategy involves playing free odds on line bets which drops the house edge down to 0.8%. Compare this to a pass line bet of 1.41%.


Managing your money is also important when playing craps. Before you even start a round, be sure to set a limit for losses. Decide beforehand how much you are realistically willing to lose and always stop playing when you reach your limit. As craps is a fast-paced game, you will also want to take frequent breaks or you may find yourself losing money too quickly. In addition to having a limit for losses, also set a win limit. If you have enough winnings to reach your limit, walk away a satisfied player.


Most leading online casinos offer craps due to its steady popularity. This ancient game has been around for centuries and is not likely to go anywhere anytime soon. If you are new to the game, learn the rules and practice before moving onto real money games. Once you understand how to play, craps can be a lucrative casino game.

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