Gambling Superstitions

Gambling is enjoyed by millions of people around the world and everyone knows, or at least should know, that most casino games are based on luck.

Players simply can’t guarantee a win from following guides and strategies, so what’s the next best thing? Superstitions. It’s not just your own personal superstitions either, many cultures pass down superstitious behaviour that are centuries old with special rituals and specific behaviour.

What are the most popular gambling superstitions in play at the casinos today? Read on to find out as we look through a range of beliefs from your typical lucky numbers to the most bizarre of rituals including itchy hands!

Lucky Numbers & Colours

The number 7 has always been considered lucky with strong links to prosperity and wealth. The gambling industry and gamblers themselves have always connected the number to slot games, with many of the old traditional slots using the 777 symbols to payout jackpot prizes. It looks like 7 will always forever be linked to good fortune when it comes to gambling...everywhere but Australia that is, saying the word during a game of Craps is considered bad luck!

Just like the number seven is considered to be lucky (for most of the world), the colour red has always been preferred by gamblers. Especially those from Chinese backgrounds who also believe that the colour is linked with prosperity. So much so that many Chinese people will wear a red item of clothing to the casino to boost their chances of winning, with their underwear often being the chosen item of clothing!


Rituals have long been a part of gambling, as they have been across many sports and our day-to-day lives as well for that matter. Players and gamblers stick to a certain routine or playing pattern if they win once, in fear that they will lose the winning touch if they ever change it. The obvious ones are blowing on dice, knocking on wood, stacking playing chips in a particular way, and even kissing a companion before a bet is placed.

Leaving the table after you have placed a bet is also a common ritual for many players, as is simply turning away from the result either at the casino or even if you’re playing online. Another popular choice for many gamblers is linked to this form of “not doing something”, and that is to never count your money at the table, which is considered to be bad luck and also unprofessional in some parts of the world. 

Other Known Superstitions

Cultures around the world have their own superstitions and rituals and what might work for one player might be considered unthinkable for another. It’s these extreme thought patterns that go hand in hand with gambling because after all, we all want to win, and we’ll all do whatever it takes to increase the chances of walking away a winner. Read on for some other superstitions known to be in use around the world’s casinos:

The Itchy Hand

There are opposing thoughts from Bulgaria and Serbia about the luck of an itchy hand. An itchy right palm is considered unlucky in Bulgaria and you’re advised against placing any bets when this happens. However, an itchy left hand in Serbia is known to bring luck and so it would be a positive sign to make go ahead and place a wager.

The MGM Lion’s Mouth

Chinese players had a problem with the MGM casino’s choice of front entrance design in Vegas, which was a huge lion’s mouth. Walking into the casino via the lion's mouth was represented by the Chinese as being eaten alive (losing all of their money), and so MGM eased their worries by changing the design of the entrance.

Lending Money

The act of lending other people your own money to bet with is widely considered as tempting fate. It could even cause you to lose twice as much if you hit a losing streak yourself. Many gamblers will not give out money nor take it from other people. The rule is that your money is yours to gamble with only.

Crossing Legs

The act of crossing your fingers is known to be lucky across many countries in day to day life, but the act of crossing your legs during your casino session is known to some as “crossing out” your upcoming luck. Fingers are ok but think twice about crossing your legs, even if it might be a comfortable thing to do!

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